Defence Museum of Brest Fortress

Services for visitors:

  • Sightseeing tour of the territory of the memorial complex "Brest Hero Fortress" and the museum
  • Conducting thematic tours
  • Visiting exhibitions
  • Audio guides
  • Excursion-game on the territory of the memorial for children
  • Film lectures
  • Museum-pedagogical classes

History of the Museum:

The Museum of the Defense of the Brest Fortress is located in the restored North-Eastern part of the defensive barracks of the Citadel, which is a monument of history and architecture of the middle of the 19th century. During the Great Patriotic War, it was one of the last centres of defense. In 1950, during the excavations, the remains of 34 dead soldiers and documents were found. On February 23, 1956, a museum-room was opened in the restored barracks, on the basis of which a museum was opened on November 8. Since September 1971, it's a part of the memorial complex "Brest Hero Fortress". In 2016, the museum turned 60 years old.